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Humanity's Values

Mar 14, 2017

Working through “concept creep” and how our mental system of association can expand what is included in ideas and exclude a more nuanced and expansive understanding of experience. No single perspective holds all of reality, we progress in personal growth within our shared humanity through the exploration of...

Mar 7, 2017

Viewing emotions from a place of acceptance and acknowledgment of our humanity. Removing the false fight between emotions and reason. Identifying where unhelpful assumptions of our emotional lives trap us into destructive self-talk. Mentions: Daniel Siegel, Steven Hayes, Kelly Wilson

Mar 1, 2017

Mindfulness, what it is, the benefits from its practice, and a common misunderstanding. Learn to not get trapped in the lie of a single thought or story being all of who you are. Reality and our potential is bigger than any singular narrow vision. Mentions: Daniel Siegel, Michael Puett, Dr. Jennifer Huggins